58/5000 Raquel and Oliver in Machu Picchu after the Salkantay Trail

Hello! We are Raquel and Oliver from Rio de Janeiro.

Born to travel, the idea of the blog came up from the simple fact that we were addicted to traveling. As “good” addicted, we breathe travel! We always research every detail every time to try to make the most of the trip. So, in addition to other sources, we take a good look at Trip Advisor and especially on many other blogs until we  know pretty much everything the place has to offer.

Planning is already part of the trip itself and we consider it to be a fundamental part for it to be well enjoyed. It is clear that a certain freedom can be very interesting in certain cases, but as a rule we plan (and VERY) our trips!

As a way of thanking the many blogs that have helped us to have incredible experiences that we would never have, we have always contributed with Trip Advisor reviews and today we are Level 6 contributors to that site. However, we felt we needed more space to better assist.

In this way, we decided to create the Blog and make our reports so that they can be useful to other travelers. We will share here experiences we have had in so many comings and goings by this big world and informations that we consider important to assist in the planning of your trips.

There are those who say that we are tight-fisted in our travels, but we prefer to say that it is a matter of priority. 🙂   The truth is that we would love to always stay in luxury hotels, but our conditions oblige us to make choices. So if we have to choose between an amazing tour and a luxury hotel, we will not think twice about opting for the tour.

By reading the posts, it will be possible to realize that we have already made trips of the most diverse kinds as cultural, gastronomic, adventurous, urban … However, we can not deny that the destinations that attract us most are those related to nature.

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