Blue Man Group: The World Famous Blue and Bald Guys


For those who want more than just theme parks in Orlando, a great entertainment option is to watch the Blue Man Group show.

Foto divulgação Blue Man Group

Credit: Lindsey Best

Since the planning stage of this trip, while still in Brazil,  we were already thinking about seeing this show. For those who are not familiar with the name, the Blue Man Group is that group “bald blue guys”, LOL. They tour the world and have already been in Brazil, but for some reason, I (Raquel) haven’t gone to the Rio de Janeiro show.

The Blue Man Group story began with 3 friends who had just graduated from college and made a decision that changed their lives. The Blue Man Group began performing in 1991 in New York and since then, they have grown so much that, in addition to touring around the world (including cruises), they also have permanent performances in Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, Nova York, Berlin and Orlando (!!!).

Foto de divulgação do Blue Man GroupCredit: Lindsey Best

As most Orlando parks close late and have closing shows, we knew we would always be quite tired after a full day in a park. So, we decided to attend the Blue Man Group show on Sunday, at 7:00 PM, the same day that we would go to Discovery Cove. Discovery Cove is a much lighter and relaxing park, where you spend most of the day floating and eating … 🙂 . In addition, as the park closes at 17:30 it was perfect to use everything in the park, take a good shower in the great infrastructure that it offers and then, go straight to the show.

The Blue Man Group show is located at Universal’s CityWalk between Universal Studios and Hard Rock Cafe. By the way, a very important tip for tight-fisted (like us): After 6:00 pm, you can park for free at Universal complex (which is the same for Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, and CityWalk) parking lot. Not having to pay $20? That’s what I call happiness!! 🙂

Foto da frente do teatro do Blue Man Group, ao lado da entrada do Universal Studios Orlando

Facade of the Blue Man Group theater, next to the entrance of Universal Studios Orlando

Fachada do teatro do Blue Man Group

For those who have never heard of the Blue Man Group or do not know very well what it is, we are going to talk a little bit about the show, but without saying too much to not spoil the surprise of this experience for your own eyes. Yes, I say experience because that’s how I see this presentation.

Blue Man Group is a show made of comedy, rock, technology, special effects, dance, all in a single spectacle. It offers an unforgettable multi-sensory experience. It’s an incredible night of entertainment that you will not forget!

It is not allowed to film or take photos during the show, so the photos and videos of the show itself were kindly given by the staff.

Foto de divulgação do Blue Man Group

Credit: Lindsey Best

Foto de divulgação do Blue Man Group

Credit: Denise Truscello

Before we continue talking about the show, here’s a thing that impressed us a lot in the United States. It’s amazing how careful they are with EVERY SINGLE DETAIL to turn the shows, parks, etc. into truly complete experiences. At the Blue Man Group show, this is no different. The soundtrack of the theater, the colors used in the bar, name of the drinks and even the bathroom!! Really! In the theater’s bathroom have a custom song that basically says “bathroom”(If you want, you can download the song here) and in the sink, they have a “guide to wash your hand”. This guide is a step by step on how to properly sanitize your hands and one of the information is to keep washing your hands until you hear the word “bathroom” six times in the song! 🙂

Foto do Bar do teatro com cores do Blue Man Group e drinks com nomes "no clima" do show

Blue Man Group theater bar and drinks with names “in the show’s mood”

Foto do banheiro do teatro do Blue Man Group em Orlando

Are you washing your hands and heard the song saying “bathroom” six times? Nice, your hands are clean!

The show is interactive, so if you are one of those people who gets embarrassed with those situations, just take that look on the ground to the other side when one of them is looking for someone to approach, (good luck with that … ).

The show is a lot of fun. We laughed a lot the whole time! It’s virtually a show without any lines, which is good because anyone, regardless of their native language, will understand everything! Even for children, because the show has many colors and music.

The show is continually updated with new songs, stories, custom instruments and cutting-edge technology.

Foto de divulgação do Blue Man Group

Credit: Lindsey Best

Foto de divulgação do Blue Man Group

Credit: Lindsey Best

Besides the stage, they are film and TV artists and have several Blue Man Group albums. I was quite willing to read the book recently published by the group, Blue Man World, which is an anthropological exploration made by the curious blue and bald character.

The theater is very nice and personalized. Despite offering 1,000 seats, make sure to buy your ticket in advance, because it is always crowded, especially if it is in high season. We went in May and it was very crowded.

Foto de divulgação do Blue Man Group

Credit: Paul Kolnik

Foto de divulgação do Blue Man Group Foto de divulgação do Blue Man Group

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More Information on Blue Man Group

The shows last about 1: 45h and have no break.


Tickets start at $ 60, with children between the ages of 3 and 9 paying half.
The seats are divided between the following areas (starting at the stage):

  • Poncho Seating
  • Premium Seating
  • Tier 1 Seating
  • Tier 2 Seating

The theater is not so big. So, you can have a good view of the show from all places.

You can pay extra if you want to sit in the “poncho zone”. This area picks up the chairs from the first four rows, where you can be hit by paint! But don’t need to worry, your ticket will include a raincoat and the paint is soluble, anti-allergic and edible !! That’s it! Not that it’s going to kill your hunger, okay? Haha

There are other more elaborate ticket options as well. You can, for example, get behind the scenes before the show starts, get a chance to play a Blue Man Group instrument, get in the best seats (remember that every single one of them are good), get some popcorn and soda, Meet-and-greet with a Blue Man paying from $ 199 (child from 3 to 9 years paid from $ 149).
Other options are the Combos: Entrance to the Blue Man Group plus a dinner (from $ 74.50) or with a ticket to the Universal parks (from $ 304.99 – child from 3 to 9 years paid from $ 269.99).


Usually, from Monday to Friday the shows take place at 8 pm, Saturday with 2 performances (6 pm and 9 pm) and Sunday at 7 pm. However, in high season there are usually 2 presentations per day (at 6 pm and 9 pm).

Foto da Raquel com a (ótima) banda do show do Blue Man Group em Orlando.

Raquel with the great band of the show of the Blue Man Group in Orlando

How to get to the Blue Man Group Theater in Orlando

The Blue Man Group’s theater is inside the City Walk, right between the Hard Rock Cafe and Universal Studios (more specifically alongside the “Rock It” roller coaster).

Adress:  6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

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