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Last March we decided to relax in Ibitipoca. I (Raquel) needed it just for old times’ sake, and Oliver had to finally visit this paradise. We researched for a while and got to choose just the right place to stay!

Recepção do Serra do Ibitipoca Hotel de Lazer

The “Serra do Ibitipoca – Leisure Hotel” is almost equidistant between the village and the park. Ideal for those who want to visit the park.

The night we arrived at the hotel we had an unexpected little adventure. We were following Waze undisturbedly along the way, when suddenly … Cows on the track !!! LOL and that was not in the figurative sense. A neighbor of the hotel has a few heads of cattle, and for whatever the reason (who can understand those cows …), they thought it was a nice idea to lie down right in the middle of the runway.

I can tell you that I felt quite ignored by practically all those ruminants lying down. I was honking, blinking my lights, the indicator, anyway … After some time trying, the cattle stopped making fun of us and opened the way.

Down here, you can check out a video of this little adventure.

Think of an incredible place to relax and also to venture out. Yes, both of those are possible in the Serra do Ibitipoca – Leisure Hotel.

The hotel offers guests a steam room, which we loved, specially after being in the park all day through the trails. It was a great place to relax. For those who love to take a walk, you can even do it inside the hotel, they have some nice trails (smaller than the park, but still good!).

You can also enjoy the swimming pool, which is quite good! There are two swimming pools: one for adults and one for children. Beside the pools are a grass court for volleyball/peteca and the kids’ playground. That way, you can relax by the pool while your kids play around.

Piscina do Serra do Ibitipoca Hotel de Lazer

Right next to the restaurant is the games room, where I kicked Oliver’s A** in ping-pong and was devastated in the foosball. : – / In addition to these, you can opt for chess and pool.

Game room and barbecue area

And there’s still more!! As extra services, the more adventurous guests can go tree climbing in the hotel area while the calmer ones relax in the hot tub. For that, all you need to do is make your appointment at the front desk.

Now let’s talk about what really matters: FOOD! Gastronomy is another great thing about Serra do Ibitipoca. The breakfast is simply delicious! We could not go to the park early any day because we just keep eating. The bread and cakes are homemade.

I tried almost every single type of bread that they have and for me, the highlight was the gluten free bread. I decided to try it because it usually does not taste so good. God, how I was wrong. It ended up being my favorite! From the photos, you can have an idea of the diversity of choices. Oh, and the juices are all natural! Not those artificial ones that we keep seeing in several hotels.

Foto de várias opções de bolos!!

Several Cake Options!!


Mesa farta no café da manhã do Serra do Ibitipoca - Hotel de Lazer

A great breakfast table at Serra do Ibitipoca – Hotel de Lazer




Foto de vários pães no café da manhã

Gluten-free bread. My favourite!


The restaurant atmosphere is also a delight.

From 12 a.m. to 10 p.m., the breakfast area “turns into” the Via Veneto Restaurant, which is open to the public. That way, even if you are not staying at Serra do Ibitipoca, you can go there to eat. Believe me, it is really worth it!

The menu is based on Italo-Brazilian cuisine, with some Minas Gerais food too. The wine list is excellent. We dined there on one of our nights in town and it was perfect. Both my plate and Oliver’s were delicious.

Road sign for the Serra de Ibitipoca – Leisure and Restaurant Hotel Via Veneto


Some of the many wine choices


Some of the Via Veneto plates

The Wi-Fi reception is only good at the lobby and restaurant but even then the signal is not good. Unfortunately, this is a common problem in Ibitipoca area. Frankly, if you go to Ibitipoca, try to really take a break from the world and use the opportunity to relax.

Close to the lobby, there is a small shop with wine, jellies, honey, integral juice and regional handicrafts.

Regarding the accommodations, there are 4 types:

Chalés Luxo (Luxury Chalets) – Accommodate up to 5 people and have King Size bed, ceiling fan, 26 “LCD TV – free channels, minibar, electric jug, living room with fireplace, heating in taps, hammock, and barbecue grill.

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Serra do Ibitipoca 02

Chalés Luxo Superior (Superior Luxury Chalets) – As an addition to the Luxury Chalet, the TV also has Telecine,  heater, air conditioning and 4 of the units have a Queen size bed.

Premium – There are only 4 units. They are the most recent and accommodate 1 couple and 2 singles in their 800 square foot area. They have a fireplace and a deep soaking tub (so beautiful !!!). This one does not have a barbecue grill or hammocks.

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Serra do Ibitipoca 19

Suíte Master (Master Suite) – Accommodates 1 double in its 240 square foot. As an additional feature, it has a heater, air conditioning, and a hot tub. It has no barbecue grill and no hammock.

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Serra do Ibitipoca 30

We stayed in the luxury chalet, but we saw the other types and they are all large, comfortable and with lovely decor. In fact, the whole hotel has a different decoration. We love all the chalets, but we are already thinking about the Premium Chalet for our next visit! 🙂

The hotel also hosts renowned events in Ibitipoca, such as the Ibitipoca Jazz Festival and gastronomic events. In addition, they rent space for other events such as corporate events and weddings.

You can check other guests reviews on TripAdvisor and, where it received 9.4 a score.

Ficou com vontade de se hospedar lá? Não tem como não ficar, né?! Então aproveita a facilidade e já clica aqui para fazer a sua reserva e depois conta aqui pra gente como foi a sua experiência por lá. Vamos gostar de saber. 🙂

Looking forward to staying there? It’s quite hard not to, right?! So, simply click here to make your reservation and then tell us how was your experience in the comments. We are looking forward to hear from you. 🙂

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More Information about Serra do Ibitipoca – Leisure Hotel

How to Get To Serra do Ibitipoca

Endereço: Fazenda Tanque, s/nº – Estrada para o Parque , 2 km – Conceição de Ibittipoca, MG, 36144-000


Phones: +55 32 3281-8148 / +55 32 98404-2885 / +55 32 99937-3488
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