Rio do Boi Trail – Walk Within a Canyon


Have you ever imagined doing a trail within a canyon with steep walls 900 meters high on your sides? Did you know that this is possible on the Rio do Boi Trail? Yeah, this is in Brazil !!!!!

Foto do Oliver e Raquel andando pela Trilha do Rio do Boi

Throught the (many) stones in the way of this incredible trail

The Rio do Boi trail is one of the most beautiful and pleasant trails we have ever done in Brazil. The landscapes are amazing! It is all held in the lower part of the Itaimbezinho Canyon, within the Aparados da Serra National Park. The view along the route is amazing !! It has 8 km (round trip), being made between 5 am and 7 am. That is a full day trip. An interesting and morbid detail is that during the trail, it was common to find carcasses of oxen that fell from the top of the canyon!

Unfortunately, the trail is not for everyone. It is the longest and most difficult of the canyon, being obligatory the accompaniment of an accredited guide or driver (who wants the contact of our guide, just ask by email). It requires some physical training and a lot of attention. In addition to crossing the river many and many times (about 20 times) with water more or less at the knee and the terrain is uneven, there are many slippery and pointed stones like obstacles. Also, depending on the river level, the difficulty may be even greater. Incidentally, it is necessary to consult the river level the previous day because if it is high, it will not be possible to make the trail.

Foto do Inicio da Trilha do Rio do Boi

The beginning of the Rio do Boi trail


Mais uma foto da parte inicial da Trilha do Rio do Boi

One more picture of the beginning of the Rio do Boi trail


Foto da Trilha do Rio do Boi

When we’ve done the hicking, they did not let me do the trail with those open sandals for tracks, you know? Ideal for crossing rivers. I had to do the tennis trail to better protect my feet. Despite the ban, I still would rather have worn my open sandals to get across the river … 🙁

One of the differentials of this trail is the possibility of bathing in waterfalls and natural pools along the way. A delight (if you are not going in winter, of course, :-)). We went in March and the water was perfect!


Foto de Um dos bons pontos de mergulho da Trilha do Rio do Boi

One of the good diving points of the Rio do Boi trail


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We walked through the canyon to a place called Cruz. In it, you can see an incredible curve formed by the cracks of the canyon. That’s amazing!


Foto de Uma das cachoeiras que são vistas pela Trilha do Rio do Boi

One of the waterfalls that are seen along the trail


Foto de outra cachoeira da trilha

Another waterfall along the trail

Foto do Oliver e Raquel próximos ao final da trilha, de onde se tem uma incrível vista do interior do Cânion Fortaleza

Near the end of the trail, where you have an incredible view of the interior of the Itaimbezinho Canyon

Mais uma foto do final da Trilha do Rio do Boi, com vista do interior do Cânion Fortaleza

Another one of the end of the trail, with the view of the interior of the Itaimbezinho Canyon


Other attractions nearby are the Fortaleza Canyon, the upper part of the Itaimbezinho canyon, the Faxinalzinho Canyon, the Malacara Canyon and the Churriado Canyon, the latter two can be visited from the top or inside the lower part. The region also allows activities such as rappelling in waterfalls, boat trips and visits to beekeepers and organic producers, for example.


Mor information about Rio do Boi trail

Due to the long duration of the trail, entry is only allowed between 8am and 1pm.

As the park does not open on Monday, the trail can only be made from Tuesday to Sunday. Another important detail is that, for this, it is necessary the prior appointment in the park.


Foto de um grilo na Trilha do Rio do Boi

One of the locals


Foto de uma aranha na Trilha do Rio do Boi

Dweller a little more feared

Contact of the Aparados da Serra National Park

Phone: (54) 3251-1277



How to get to Rio do Boi trail

The access is made by the Information and Control Office of Rio do Boi, 12 km from the center of Praia Grande, in Santa Catarina.


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