Renting a car during your travel can be a hand in the wheel as it allows for greater mobility and flexibility. We, for example, usually prefer to rent a car, since we like to make our own itinerary and enjoy each place in our time. Thus, we avoid the excursions and, many times, we manage to go to places inaccessible or difficult to reach without a car.

Rentar cal in Australia

Raquel in her rented car in the desert of Australia (notice the inverted hand)

Just be careful not to think that renting a car is always the best option. Renting a car can be a big hit in many places in many destinations, as is the case in London, New York and Paris.

By choosing to rent a vehicle, it is best that you search in different rental companies to see which one offers the best price for a particular car. For this, there are aggregator sites, such as Rental Cars and Rent Cars, both partners of Uma Volta e Meia.

This is the most practical way. Both consolidate the information of countless companies and present a detailed comparator of coverage and prices, allowing you to choose the best for your travel profile.

If you rent your vehicle through the links and blog banners, we will receive a small commission. You do not pay anything extra for this and it still helps keep the blog and keep it up to date. 🙂


– Compare car rental prices and save up to 60%!

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– Car Rental in over 150 countries which translates to more than 7.000 cities and more than 20.000 service points.

– Change your reservation free of charge.


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