Tresure Hunt with Adventure Hunt


From childhood on, we loved to participate in a treasure hunt. Unfortunately, in the adult world this was only getting in our memory. Now, this has finally changed and as adults we can play treasure hunt with Adventure Hunt!!!

This joke is for adults and has become a competition that takes place in various cities around the world. Luckily, one of them is Perth and as we are living here, we could not stay out of it!

Our mission is to unravel clues and go through challenges in search of a treasure hidden by the city. The winning team from each city will win GoPros, thousands of dollars in adventure articles and other prizes, as well as lodging at Red Frog Beach Resort in Panama !! Oops, if someone just talked about anything related to travel and adventures, that’s with us!

Are you curious ?! So let’s talk about this adventure and at the end of the post you can check the video we did during the activities to see how fun it was!

Tresure Hunt with Adventure Hunt

So far this treasure hunt happens in 60 cities across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Let’s try to see if we can make them get it to Brazil because it’s really cool!

The joke always starts on a Saturday at 9 am. Usually, they suggest a starting location for each city. It is not mandatory to start there, but we can say that certainly makes it easy! In our case, the suggested place was Hyde Park and there we went. It was funny to see a lot of people dressed up there who were going to participate in the gymkhana too. I’ll explain the part of the fantasy later …

Usually, the teams find the treasure 4/5 hours after starting the activity, but it is indicated that you plan to be in charge until 15h. In our case, the treasure was found with 3.5 hours of hunt.

How does it work?

At 9 am on Hunting Day (local time in each city), a list of activities is revealed and your team needs to complete the adventure and fun challenges to get the treasure map released. Remember that everything is released by the Adventure Hunt app. From there, you will put your mind to the test as you solve clues that guide you to the buried treasure.

Some activities are worth more points than others. Skill level is not an important factor, so do not worry. Just have fun!

The Activity List has several different activities to choose from and can be completed at no additional cost. Some activities may cost some, but they are not necessary. Adventure Hunt and its sponsors do not cover the cost of any activity.

Tresure Hunt with Adventure Hunt

The Activity List works like a point system and consists of two sections: Fun and Adventure! Your team will need to accumulate 10 points for Fun and 10 points for Adventure.

Get points by completing activities and posting them on the history of the Instagram profile registered for your team. If your team’s Instagram account is not set to public, we will not see your stories. Once you have enough points, submit your markup for verification (all by the app).

Be prepared and be creative and intelligent. That is, if you do not have a bike to complete an activity, you do not have to buy or rent, borrow someone on the street for a few seconds/minutes just to make the video. Just remember to do everything safely and always following the rules established by the organization.

The list of activities does not have to be completed by all team members unless some activity specifically requires this. However, all members must be present in each activity.

All clues can be resolved without any of these additional aids (Google, ask your friends and really think – do not expect to be able to read a clue and immediately solve it).

We had just arrived in Perth, so some clues had to ask for help, there was no way. We were surprised, however, because we managed to uncover almost all of them alone because we had already passed through almost every location where each track was.

Each treasure map route is specifically tailored to each city. Wait for 10 to 20 stops. In our hunt, there were 18 stops, including one of the treasure.

Tresure Hunt with Adventure Hunt

We have to register when we unveil each clue

The actual hunting is to solve specific clues related to each city that will take you from one place to another of your city! The app notifies you when you approach and when you reach each track to be unravelled.

If you pack on some clue, you can use some of the tips they offer for purchase. I want to make it clear here that we were warriors and we did not use any, okay ?!

The tips they provided in our test were:

Image ($ 0.99): Photo of the exact location you need or something similar that will help you resolve the lane. Unlimited use.

Video ($ 1.99): Video of the exact location you need to be in and your surrounding area, often an aerial photo of a drone. Unlimited use.

Tell me the location ($ 9.99): Tell us the exact location you need to be. Can be used 2x per team.

Skip the track ($ 29): allows you to completely ignore a track and location. Can be used once per team.

What do you need on the Hunt Day?

Only a smartphone with the latest version, the AdventureHunt.Co app installed, a PUBLIC account on Instagram and lots of mood and adventurous spirit!

We suggest:

External cell phone charger;

Bottle of water;

Fast means of transport, such as car or motorcycle;


Bathrobe and towel.

Finally, be prepared with the maximum of items you think you might need, which could be on the Activity List. The idea is that you watch previous evidence videos to get an idea of what to expect. We made a video and you can check it out too!


The team must be 2 to 4 participants.

It is not necessary to have 4 participants to win, but it certainly helps a lot because sometimes there is no where to stop the car right where the track is, for example, then one of the participants can stay in the car while the other participants run to enable the next track.

Watch the video we made with the best moments of our treasure hunt:


The good thing is that not only the first place wins prizes in this game! See the list with the other prizes:

1st place: the prize of the chest +

Stay for 6 days and 5 nights for the entire staff in a luxury villa with private pool at Red Frog Beach Resort

Jungle Zip-Line Tour

Participation in the final hunt in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Participate in the “Survivor” on the beach, following clues and participating in another treasure hunt for Bocas del Toro!

50% discount on surf lessons/half day excursion with La Buga

50% discount on diving lessons / 2 dives with La Buga

2nd place receives $ 200 in discount with the sponsor

3rd place receives $ 150 in discount with the sponsor

4th – 10th places earn $ 50 in discount with the sponsor

11th place and onwards – each receives $ 10 for the Adventure Hunt Store! Yes, everyone who can complete the test is awarded a prize!

Tresure Hunt with Adventure Hunt

Did not you find the treasure? Not everything is lost! There is a draw after that between those who complete the test and arrive at the place where the treasure was buried. It’s kind of a repechage, and thus, beyond the first place, the team drawn will also win the hosting in Panama! That is, we are expecting to win this lottery !!!! Twist it !!

Who receives free airfare? The top four Top Four teams (determined by the vote of all Adventure Hunt participants) get free airfare and a one-night stay in Panama City. One team per region. The next four winning teams (one per region), ranked 5-8 in total, earn $ 300 to travel to Bocas del Toro.

Remember that I commented on the costumes there at the beginning of the post? So … A lot of people end up fancying themselves for the videos to be funnier and thus have more chances of being drawn for the plane ticket.

I (Raquel) used a bandage on my head and did some blood marks on my face and while we were running around the city in search of clues, I was already without the band, but the blood (of a lie) was still running in the face and incredible as People would stop me on the street to ask if I was okay because I was bleeding, lol.

 Tresure Hunt with Adventure Hunt

To know when the next treasure hunt will be, follow the official website of Adventure Hunt and good luck!


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