When planning your trip, do not let the excitement of the script make you forget to take a safe trip. We never travel without a travel insurance. We know travel insurance is one of those things you wish you will never have to use it and that is why many people don’t think about it.

But even if you don’t like doing adventurous activities, you never know what can happen. The truth is that no one is free to get sick or suffer an accident and medical care is very expensive. So, nothing better than being prepared for eventual need. Believe me, if you have to use it, you will be glad to have it.

Uma Volta e Meia is an affiliate partner with World Nomads, which is one of the largest and most renowned travel insurers in the world. It is a trustworthy company (including ourselves already contracted travel insurance through World Nomads) and therefore we do indicate this company to our readers.

Some advantages of hiring travel insurance with World Nomads:

– It is a straightforward process. The simplicity of purchasing without complication is a huge advantage

Buy cover online even while travelling
If you’re already travelling and want to stay longer, World Nomads lets you buy more cover to keep you on the road.

24hours/7 days assistance before and during your trip

– They have a multi-lingual assistance team

– Cover over 200 Sports and Adventure Activities

– They cover your laptops, iPads, mobile phones and even that Rolleiflex 3.5E

– They cover residents of over 140 countries

– All types and ages of travellers

Donate to local communities
They connect their customers to projects run by established charities so you can fund projects in destinations with the greatest need.

– They are trusted by Lonely Planet, Eurail, Intrepid, Nomadic Matt and Rough Guides

Now that you have understood the importance of taking out a travel insurance, make your instant quote now with World Nomads:

Buying a travel insurance through the blog links and banners, like the ones above, we will receive a small commission. You will not pay anything more for this and it helps to keep the blog and make it always up to date. 🙂

If you want to continue planning your trip, check out our tips on accommodation, car rentals and tickets all around the world and get away with everything organized.

Understand the difference between health insurance and travel insurance

Health insurance – provides the contractor coverage for consultations, examinations, hospitalizations, clinical analyzes and other things specifically related to the health of the insured.

Travel insurance – guarantees coverage for expenses with emergency and emergency medical expenses and covers many other eventualities, such as loss of luggage, medical transfer, transfer of body and even compensation in case of accidents that result in permanent disability or death of the insured.

Is it Worth to Only Use Credit Card Travel Insurance?

The benefit offered by some categories of cards may even seem economical, but the coverage provided may be insufficient for the planned trip. At the leading companies in the market, this service is only available to holders of the flags above, such as platinum and black.

In addition, in order to be entitled to insurance, the purchase of the ticket must have been made by the credit card and the trip must have a maximum duration of 30 days. Sports practices and complications in pregnancy are also not usually covered.

Therefore, even if you are entitled to this benefit, you must be very attentive to coverage. The ideal is to always call the central card, advise that you will travel and request the general conditions of the coverage of the travel insurance available.

In addition, as an additional service, credit card insurance mostly works with the reimbursement service, ie if you need care abroad, you will need to disburse the money you have to pay for the medical expenses.

With insurers, it is possible to choose the plan that best fits the type of trip that the person is going to make, guaranteeing the ideal coverage, in addition to working with an agreed network, where the insured does not have to pay anything if he needs service.

Also, remember to compare the insurance of the credit card companies with the plans of the insurers. In addition to being specialized in travel insurance, these companies have more complete plans and more coverage options.

See if the country of destination insurance is mandatory

In some countries the contraction of a travel insurance is mandatory. Most of them stay in Europe and are a signatory to the Schengen Treaty, which establishes the obligation to hire a travel insurance worth a minimum of € 30,000 for all tourists.

Cuba and Australia also have compulsory travel insurance contracting. In Cuba the minimum coverage is US $ 10,000 for medical care, and Australia requires travel assistance but does not stipulate a minimum value.

Check if the insurance has medical assistance for sports

Not all insurance offers such assistance. Therefore, if you are going to practice some sport, look for insurance that offers this type of coverage.

When making the comparison, look for plans that have the word “SPORT” and give preference to those who have a wider coverage.

Also be aware of the types of sports that are covered in the plan you are reviewing, as not all sports are covered. For example, most martial arts and fights are not included in any travel insurance option.